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Introduction to Division for Development of Liberal Arts:

Duties: Division for Development of Liberal Arts is a functional department laying out the plan for development and scientific research management of liberal arts, basically include: organizing the compilation of development plans and annual implementation schemes for liberal arts prosperity; planning, competing and coordinating for key projects of liberal arts and the building of interdisciplinary base; application and process management of various arts projects; recommendation and application for different rewards of arts achievements; contact and communication with social science management divisions of all levels; cooperation with teaching of arts education, talents introduction and cultivation, subject development, and university cultural development, etc.

Faculty members: Zhang Xueyong, Lei Bin, Liang Bing, Chen Yiwei, Cao Wenhan, Li Meiyan

Campus Address: Chengdu High-tech zone west park in china's sichuan province SouthWest JiaoTong University in 1505 A Phone:66367413  
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